B2B on B2B

B2B on B2B

Let’s take it back to basics on Business to Business (B2B) marketing. B2B refers to efforts directed to selling products or services to other businesses, institutions, etc. vs the mass consumer. Gone are the days where a salesperson bearing a folder full of sell sheets and a good pitch will result in immediate demand for your product or service. Today, you need a solid B2B communications strategy in place to get results. By no means are we discouraging the meeting on the golf course or over long lunch, however in an increasingly competitive, complex and dynamic business environment, a proper B2B communication plan can give your company the winning edge.

Establishing goals, knowing your audience, developing the right messaging and building a strong strategy, are key ingredients often associated with B2C marketing, but they’re just as critical in creating an effective B2B marketing communications plan. Whereas Above-the-line (Newspaper/ print, Television, Radio, Outdoor) advertising is apt for selected occasions or particular goals, Below-the-line advertising is really where the B2B sweet spot is at.

Below-the-line assets should include a well-curated website that engages, informs and builds credibility for the seller. This can be aided by an effective SEO strategy that elevates the organisation in the search results hierarchy and drive traffic to the website. Establishing a social media presence is essential for engaging in conversations with customers and fans – and yes high-level decision-makers are fans too! The social media presence also enables your company to be perceived as an opinion leader or authority in its category. And remember B2B doesn’t mean ‘bland to boring’! Clever creative ideas can be just as effective in selling a $1 product as a multimillion-dollar business deal.

Another effective form of communication is email marketing. And no, not the type of email that’s des5ned for the junk folder. Well-designed and well-written content that’s concise, benefit/ customer-oriented and newsworthy, can be well appreciated by your target audience. And with regular publication and distribution to existing and prospective customers, the results get even better!

The above is by no means exhaustive, and communications initiatives can be tailor-made to suit a particular organisation’s needs. If your business requires a solid B2B shot in the arm (pun intended), talk to us.