Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Fortune favours the brave! 2023 is The Chinese Year Of The Rabbit – a rewarding year for those who take risks. Less anger, more relaxation. Quite frankly, we could use some of the latter now that the bad old days of the pandemic are behind us (we can hope). Even so, we know that 2023 will have its own set of challenges as well as triumphs. But let’s take a look back at the previous year from The Buzz Ltd. POV.

One of the banner moments in 2022 was obviously the Worldwide Partners (WPI) Las Vegas Global Summit “Agency 2030 – The Future Starts Today” (click –> What Happens In Vegas…Stays In T&T on this very blog for more deets on that).

While there, Worldwide Partners agencies and industry leaders, among them our very own Simone Jacelon (Creative Director) and Mary Fullerton (Finance Director) voiced concerns about the transition of mindset from “what’s now?”  to “what’s next?” Indeed, as Martin Agency CEO Kristen Cavallo put it, “Defending the past is far riskier than creating the future.” She also revealed that in order to become talked about, companies should utilise storytelling for their brand and go beyond the simplistic. Furthermore, the future of business growth requires a willingness to divert from business as usual.

Not that we needed any prompting from our international contemporaries to do just that but we’ve actively encouraged our clients to go on the path to more innovative social media platforms, such as the relatively new kid on the block, namely the ubiquitous Tik Tok, cross-pollinating with other social media denizens in the process. Besides, mushrooming from 15 million to almost 1 billion views in six months in T&T alone is nothing to sneeze at. Tik Tok will continue to evolve as well as rule the roost over the digital landscape.

Caught up as we are in the thick of data and analytics, one thing remains true, if we’re to take to heart this excerpt from a recent online article from AdAge: “With so much content overload, the need for creativity and innovation will play a critical role in the way advertisers think about how they earn the attention of their target audience and drive desired outcomes.” It’s equally important that we consider the human factor– that if we are to cultivate a common bond of trust with our audience, a trust that transcends the cliched world of mere taglines and key phrases, the revolution will be more than just televised or streamed digitally.

Best of luck to us all as 2023 dawns. May new relationships be created, ideas take root and grow into a fresh, crisp, fruitful realms of opportunity.